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A quick preview of CAA's Mobile Redesign on iPhone 7 with slides.

Help Me Watch!

Design & Web Development | JavaScript Duo Programming

Need help on what to watch next? This application randomizes a TV or Movie show for you, based on a few simple questions.


the story

We were tasked to collaborate in pairs to create a web application using JavaScript, jQuery, and a public API. The objective of this project was to show an understanding of jQuery, DOM manipulation, error handling, UI design, and to demonstrate competence in duo programming and communication.


My partner for this project was the one and only, Jamie Yeung. Our role was to each get comfortable working together using the paired programming method, which both members of the team work together on one computer. One would be typing, both would discuss about what each line of the code does, both would be making commit updates to GitHub, and the role switches back and forth.


The most challenging part of this project was to find a functional application programming interface (API) to work with. The idea/ API was there, but it hindered our progress becaused of unreliable/ inconsistent data and/ or the API required an Open Authorization (OAuth) for authorization to the internet. With a one week deadline, we took a step back and split the research and testing of the data using Postman to cover more ground. This worked in our favour, and we were back on track towards the next stage.

Image of written out pseudo code and sketches.


We begin the next stage by creating pseudo code and a minimum viable product (MVP). We both worked on pseudo code that would help us think and assist in coding our Javascript and/ or jQuery and the MVP was for us to have the most pared down version of the product that can still be released. We were ambitious, but this was to make sure we would stay on track. Once we got that down and approved by our client/ instructor, we started to brainstorm and then I would sketch out the wire-frames to envision how the product would look like and to aid the development stage.

During the development stage, we both wrote the code and took the time to explain and understand the code together. The same applied to the styling, responsiveness/ accessibility, and the overall aesthetics to the design. With time to spare, we finished the process by taking the time to go over code again to understand it further.

final words

I was initially nervous at first because I never worked in paired programming before and I didn't know what to except. In the end, I am glad I got to experience this opportunity to collaborate with another person, because you can learn so much from each other and gain constructive feedback from their perspective. It was a bit stressful in the beginning, because of the difficulty in finding an API that is free and functional. But, in the end, we overcame the challenges, we pulled an interactive presentation to engage with the viewers, and it was well received by everyone.