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Tommy Lay

Front-End Developer | Design

about me

A digital cartoon of Tommy going from a Home Renovator to a Developer.

A Home Renovator turned Front-End Developer

Born in Toronto, Ontario.

Hello, I’m Tommy. My passion is to design, experiment, and develop web-page/ applications that are clean, accessible, and beautiful to its fullest extent. I aim to bring a positive impact and the best experience overall for everyone, through learning experiences and by one design at a time.

When I am not coding, I love to try out new food and drinks, enjoy outdoor activities, keep up with tech trends, and sneak in some handy-work for friends and family.



I visualize and produce hand-drawn and computer aided wireframes and prototypes, to communicate ideas. I consider the Why, What, and How, to aid in bringing a positive impact and the best experience overall for everyone.


I transform low/ high fidelity designs into clean, accessible, and beautiful applications, by utilizing modern best practices in: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript fundamentals.


CAA Mobile App being used inside a vehicle with an iPhone8.
CAA Mobile App displayed on multiple iPhone8.

CAA Mobile

Design | Wire-frame and Prototyping

Arora homepage displayed on Apple Macbook Pro.
Arora section displayed on iPhoneX.

Arora Jewellers

Web Development | Zeplin Conversion

Help Me Watch movie overview displayed on iPhoneX.
Help Me Watch homepage displayed on Apple Macbook Pro.

Help Me Watch!

Design & Web Development | JavaScript Duo Programming

Pokemon Mini-Battle homepage displayed on Apple Macbook Pro.
Pokemon Mini-Battle battle displayed on iPhoneX.

Pokemon Mini-Battle

Web Development | React Solo Programming

TV Watchers show list displayed on iPhoneX.
TV Watchers homepage displayed on Apple Macbook Pro.

TV Watchers

Web Development | React Team Programming


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Hello again, thank you so much for checking out my portfolio. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you would like to connect or drop a hello, feel free to check me out on other platforms below.